Analysis of the National Integration Situation
DIST – Digital Integration Story Telling Analyses of National Migration/Integration in Italy

1. The School system in Italy: numbers, typology, distribution ITALIAN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM In Italy, the education and training system is organized according to the principles of subsidiarity and the autonomy of educational institutions. The State has the exclusive legislative competence regarding the “general rules on education”, and the determination of the essential levels of the[…]

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Analysis of the National Integration Situation in Schools in SPAIN.

In the past 20 years, Spain has received high migration inflows. In fact, its fast transformation from an emigration to an immigration country is unprecedented. In 1996, the UN Population Report (UNFPA, 1997) did not mention Spain among the main international destinations for immigrants. Yet, in 2006, the same report highlighted Spain as the 10th[…]

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DIST – Analyses of National Migration/Integration in a UK Context.

Current Migration/Integration: What are currently relevant migrant groups (at school)? Where do they come from? Will they stay – or how long? The UK’s National school census published in January 2016 reported that there has been a rise in the number of pupils classified as from minority ethnic backgrounds currently attending school.[1] This number has[…]

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